What site do you watch free movies with less buffer and fast loading?

There are plenty of free sites to watch online movies in the internet but most of them give you more buffer, slow loading and many ad tricks. However slow loading and buffering may cause by many factors such as internet connection speed, website congestion due to many viewers watching the same movie, website slow server, movie hosting server is slow, more flash ads display or your computer might have malwares or virus. Those can affect your online movie experience. However the only way to determine which free movie sites that you think is better is to try them all out. But if we share what sites that host free movies then it would help a lot.

If you guys have any good site that steams online movies then please don't hesitate to share. We all want to watch free movies right? So please share in the comment section what site you watch your favorite movie online. I will going to check them out then post them into my site. If you host your own movie site then its a good  idea to share them. Please no porn site.

http://www.viooz.co - I found viooz.co on google then tried it a few weeks. So far the site gives less buffer and fast loading. Got some ads but its not annoying. New movies are already uploaded in this website. Good copy and viewable. I think you like this site. By the way you don't need to download anything, so please do not download any sort of software except for flash adobe player if you don't have it installed.

So where do you watch your free online movies?


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